Red Cup

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About Red Cup Europe

What began as gifts for foreign siblings abroad, living without the amenities that most US collegiates take for granted, quickly became an idea which has now become a reality. This reality is Red Cup Europe. More than the avid socialites most cherished accessory, the Red Cup symbolizes the college experience and youth in America. What you didn’t learn in the pages of that borrowed textbook, you find in your social interactions with others.

Red cups and branded clothing are just the beginning, this company is what you make it. Red Cup Europe gets you the products you want the most, that aren’t readily available to you in the places you live. And all you have to do is ask! If we get enough requests for a specific product then we’ll make it available for you on the website!

Sign up in our forum and chat with others around the world about what you want to see on our website. We’ll follow your discussions and even partake in a few! Or if chatting is not your thing, send us a message in the contact tab to make a product request. Whatever is easiest for you works best for us. Not every request will be able to get up on Red Cup Europe, but don’t be afraid to ask! Your input is what helps this company evolve! We are taking this experience across the pond for the first time. Red Cup Europe is a brand and a lifestyle. Make it your own.